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LYT-709A product features and uses

Lyt-709a low-quality diesel hydro-upgrading catalyst is a molecular sieve modified g-ai2o3 prepared from carbonized alumina oxide dry rubber and special molecular sieve as carrier, with w and ni as active components, and is prepared by co-leaching method . The catalyst adopts the shape of clover, and has certain ring-opening ability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and hydroremoval ability of complex sulfur-containing compounds and nitrogen-containing compounds. The catalyst has both hydrorefining and hydro-upgrading performances of inferior gasoline and diesel.

Packaging and shipping

The products are packed in rigid cardboard drums with lids, lined with plastic bags; the catalyst name, net weight, batch number and production date are printed on the outside; they should be covered, moisture-proof, and violent shock and impact during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to drop the catalyst barrel when it is transported. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, pay attention to moisture-proof, and prohibit contact with harmful substances such as acid and alkali chemical reagents, so as to avoid affecting the activity of the catalyst. (Note: information on catalyst filling, vulcanization, operation specifications, etc. Are provided separately).

Quality indicators

Project Indicator
Light yellow clover strips
Dimensions (mm)
Specific surface area(m²/g)
Volume (ml/g)
Average crushing strength (N/cm)
Bulk density (g/ml)
Active ingredient

Process operating conditions

Raw material Straight-run diesel, coking diesel, catalytic diesel, coking gasoline and their blends
Operating pressure
6.0 ~ 12.0Mpa
Operating temperature
280 ~ 400℃
liquid airspeed
0.75 ~ 2.0h-1
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