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Shandong jiuan chemical industry co., ltd. Is the first-class manufacturer of sodium formate, neopentyl glycol, and formaldehyde from china.We are a reliable producer. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions for years.Our clients come from various industries including chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, textile industry etc.

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Excellent talents in chemical industry
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Been aiming to manufacture

high-quality chemical raw materials

Neopentyl glycol
neopentyl glycol production
Neopentyl glycol slurry
neopentyl glycol slurry
Polyvinylidene difluoride
neopentyl glycol molecular weight
Sodium formate
solid sodium formate
Natural fatty alcohol
Natural Fatty Alcohol

Quality is

our Assurance

Jiuan chemical industry relies on many years of global customers cumulatively, we serve more than 20 countries.

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Extensive product portfolio

We deal with a wide range of chemical products catering to all industry segments.

Focus on sustainability

Protecting people and the environment is an important goal of ours.

Trong infrastructure

We have built a solid footprint in the chemical manufacturing and distribution industry by building a strong infrastructure.

Global reach

We are working hard to make our presence felt in many countries around the world.

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Provide high-quality chemical services

for multiple industries!

We offer the most suitable chemical solutions for your business, Explore all services

Neopentyl glycol
Sodium formate
sodium formate granular
Antioxidants 300​
polyvinylidene difluoride powder
Chemical Bags
Rubber Activator B560
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We provide you with sustainable chemical products services

Jiuan chemical industry has been maintaining lasting relationships and projects with many well-known international companies. For example, new sino-french polymer materials,anhui shenjian,tien song industry, etc., Are recognized as one of the leading chemical raw material production companies in china!

sodium formate crystals

The customer is the largest producer of formic acid in lahore, pakistan, with 3 modern production lines and the products are sold all over the world. 

Russian customers are old-fashioned chemical companies that have been cultivating in china for many years. They purchase hundreds of different chemical products from china every year.




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Jiuan chemical industry is a leader in china’s chemical manufacturing industry, proud to help make the world a better, safer and more efficient place. We are committed to developing innovative and differentiated technologies in a collaborative, team-oriented manner, focused on operational excellence, and delivering high-quality, cost-competitive products and services. Contact us today to learn more!

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