Sustainability of jiuan chemical

Our approach to sustainability guides the way we develop, manufacture and sell chemical products, and how we work with customers and suppliers.

Legal compliance

Adhere to chemical compliance operation system to minimize possible risks.

Environmental protection

Invest in environmentally friendly equipment and move towards a sustainable tomorrow by protecting the only planet.

Social responsibility

Support value-added projects that benefit the regions where we live and work.

Environmental management

Jiuan chemical industry takes energy conservation, emission reduction, and chemical substance management as important projects. We are considering how to reduce the impact on the environment in the production phase of our products and contribute to the sustainable development of the global environment.


Climate change is the most serious crisis facing all mankind and jiuan chemical industry recognizes the need to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use in its operations and is committed to developing and deploying clean manufacturing technologies and adopting emission reduction solutions.

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Water resources

The water crisis is getting worse because of population growth and economic development, which are leading to increased water consumption. Additionally, climate change is causing the water to become more polluted. The chemical industry plays a vital role in developing products and technologies that enable clean water.


Protecting biodiversity is the foundation of life, and jiuan chemical group takes great care in managing the discharge of necessary chemicals. Efforts are made to reduce chemical emissions through proper manufacturing processes and proper operating conditions of pollutant treatment facilities. Provide habitat for the growth and reproduction of organisms.

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