Quality Controls

  • Jiuan chemical industry takes quality control very seriously. When you choose us as your supplier of chemical supplier, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality product.
  • The jiuan chemical industry is firmly committed to excellence in product quality and customer service. We employ stringent quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that the characteristics and performance of every product we manufacture are documented. And consistent between batches. In this way, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of chemical products with a purity of 99 or higher, and we are also able to custom synthesize each of our materials to meet our customers’ specific requirements.
  • Our quality management system is designed to improve and maintain the overall performance of our various manufacturing systems, and allows us to expand and customize our processes to meet various demands for specific materials with consistently competitive price structures. As demand for your product’s application grows – from product development to pilot projects to full-scale commercialization – jiuan chemical industry can seamlessly scale our production to meet growing demand.


Extensive research is conducted on our suppliers to ensure we source only the best raw materials to synthesize our materials.

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Our products are manufactured using strictly documented procedures, and products are inspected at multiple quality checkpoints during synthesis.


Provide our customers with the analysis they need to confirm that the quality of our materials meets the customer's requirements.

  • Our quality control begins at the precursor sourcing stage, where we conduct extensive research with our suppliers to ensure we only use the best, highest purity precursors to synthesize our materials. When these materials arrive at our factory, we check their quality and pass various appropriate analytical tests to ensure compliance with our technical specifications. When a material is approved for use in the synthesis process, our scientists, engineers and technicians run a fully documented procedure to produce a consistent finished material. Our procedures typically involve multiple checkpoints during synthesis to assess the quality of ongoing synthesis. After synthesis is complete, the finished material undergoes additional analytical testing to ensure that all materials we manufacture meet the precise specifications specified by our customers. When the finished material is shipped, jiuan chemical industry will provide the customer with a certificate of analysis or any other required analytical test results to confirm that the material meets all of the customer’s specifications.
  • In the jiuan chemical industry, our scientists, engineers, technicians, sales and administrative staff work closely together to ensure the only acceptable outcome – customer satisfaction. One of our fundamental beliefs is that final quality is not what we say, but what our customers say.

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