Top 10 Sodium Formate Manufacturers in China in 2024

Sodium formate is an organic compound that serves as a versatile building block in the chemical industry and is also used as a buffering agent, preservative, and pH regulator.


Sodium formate is an organic compound that serves as a versatile building block in the chemical industry and is also used as a buffering agent, preservative, and pH regulator. With the growing demand for sodium formate in various applications, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and construction, the Chinese market has emerged as a key player in the global supply chain. This blog post will delve into the top 10 sodium formate manufacturers in China for the year 2024, their contributions to the industry, and the factors that have propelled them to the forefront.

The Versatility of Sodium Formate

One of the primary facets of sodium formate’s versatility lies in its ability to act as a buffering agent. In industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, sodium formate plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal pH levels, thus ensuring the stability and efficacy of various formulations. Its buffering capacity allows for precise control over acidity or alkalinity, a critical factor in the production of pharmaceuticals, where even slight deviations in pH can compromise product integrity.

Additionally, sodium formate’s versatility extends to its role as a reducing agent in chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes. As a source of formic acid, sodium formate facilitates numerous chemical reactions, including the reduction of metal ions and the synthesis of organic compounds. This versatile application makes sodium formate a staple in the production of dyes, polymers, and other chemical products.

The Rise of the Chinese Sodium Formate Market

China’s sodium formate market has seen substantial growth due to the country’s robust manufacturing sector and its strategic position in the global chemical supply chain. The rise of Chinese manufacturers has been facilitated by technological advancements, competitive pricing, and a commitment to quality.

Top 10 Sodium Formate Manufacturers in China for 2024

1. ChemChina Sodium Formate Co.

ChemChina Sodium Formate Co. is a leading manufacturer known for its high-quality sodium formate products. They have a strong presence in the international market and are recognized for their innovative production processes.

2. Shandong jiuan Chemical
Sodium Formate

Shandong  jiuan chemical industry has been aiming to manufacture high-quality chemical raw materials, continuously reorganizing and technologically transforming production facilities, and becoming the most representative chemical enterprise in china.

3. Jiangsu Formate Technologies

Jiangsu Formate Technologies specializes in the production of high-purity sodium formate. Their focus on quality and purity has earned them a reputation as a trusted supplier in the chemical industry.

4. Hubei Formate International

Hubei Formate International is a well-established manufacturer with a global footprint. They offer a comprehensive line of sodium formate products and are known for their adherence to international quality standards.

5. SinoPharm Sodium Formate

SinoPharm Sodium Formate is a prominent manufacturer that serves the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality sodium formate. Their commitment to purity and safety standards is unparalleled.

6. AnHui Formate Industry

AnHui Formate Industry is recognized for its large-scale production capabilities and ability to meet the demands of various sectors, including agriculture and construction.

7. Henan Formate Group

Henan Formate Group is a significant supplier of sodium formate, known for its competitive pricing and extensive distribution network.

8. Guangdong Formate Enterprise

Guangdong Formate Enterprise is a manufacturer that focuses on innovation and has developed several proprietary technologies for sodium formate production.

9. Tianjin Formate Co.

Tianjin Formate Co. is a reliable supplier with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility in their production processes.

10. Inner Mongolia Formate Corp.

Inner Mongolia Formate Corp. is an emerging manufacturer that has quickly gained recognition for its high-quality products and commitment to continuous improvement.

Table: Comparison of Top Sodium Formate Manufacturers

ManufacturerSpecialtyProduct PurityInnovationMarket PresenceSustainability Efforts
ChemChina Sodium Formate Co.High-quality productsHighAdvanced production processesInternationalCommitted
Shandong jiuan ChemicalContinuous improvementHighCustomer-centric innovationHigh qualityDeveloping
Jiangsu Formate TechnologiesHigh-purity formateVery HighQuality-focusedIndustry-renownedActive
Hubei Formate InternationalComprehensive product lineHighInternational standards complianceGlobalSignificant
SinoPharm Sodium FormatePharmaceutical gradeVery HighSafety and purityPharmaceutical industryHigh
AnHui Formate IndustryLarge-scale productionHighSector-specific solutionsDiverseEmerging
Henan Formate GroupCompetitive pricingHighDistribution networkExtensiveBasic
Guangdong Formate EnterpriseInnovative technologiesHighProprietary production methodsGrowingModerate
Tianjin Formate Co.Sustainability focusHighEnvironmental responsibilityReliableHigh
Inner Mongolia Formate Corp.Continuous improvementHighQuality commitmentEmergingActive

Factors Contributing to Their Success

Sodium Formate

The success of these top sodium formate manufacturers can be attributed to several factors, including:

  1. Innovation: A commitment to developing new technologies and improving production methods to increase efficiency and product quality.
  2. Quality: Ensuring that their products meet high purity and performance standards, which is critical for various applications.
  3. Market Understanding: A deep understanding of the market and the specific needs of different industries, allowing them to tailor their products accordingly.
  4. Global Reach: Having a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, which helps in catering to a diverse range of customers.
  5. Sustainability: An increasing focus on sustainable production practices, which is important for meeting the environmental and social responsibilities expected by modern consumers and industries.


The top 10 sodium formate manufacturers in China for 2024 have demonstrated their ability to meet the growing global demand for this versatile compound. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability positions them as leaders in the industry. As the applications of sodium formate continue to expand, these manufacturers will play a crucial role in supplying the market with high-quality products.


Q: What are the primary applications of sodium formate?

A: Sodium formate is used in various industries, including leather tanning, textile dyeing, oil drilling, and deicing agents for roads and airports.

Q: How is sodium formate produced?

A: Sodium formate is typically produced through the reaction of formic acid with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, followed by crystallization and purification processes.

Q: Is sodium formate environmentally friendly?

A: Sodium formate is considered relatively environmentally friendly, especially when compared to other deicing agents like sodium chloride. However, its environmental impact depends on factors such as disposal methods and concentration levels in wastewater.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when handling sodium formate?

A: Like any chemical substance, sodium formate should be handled with care, and proper safety precautions should be followed to prevent exposure and accidents in handling and storage.

Q: How does sodium formate contribute to sustainability efforts?

A: Sodium formate can contribute to sustainability efforts through its use as a green deicing agent, reducing the environmental impact of traditional salt-based deicers on infrastructure and ecosystems.

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