Nhà xuất khẩu Neopentyl Glycol

Nhà xuất khẩu Neopentyl Glycol

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plastic crystals of neopentyl glycol

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Neopentyl glycol (NPG) is a versatile chemical building block with a wide range of applications. It is used to manufacture polyesters, resins, coatings, plasticizers, lubricants, as well as in cosmetics and personal care products.

As one of the major NPG producing countries, China has seen rapid growth in NPG production and exports over the past decade. Chinese NPG exporting companies have built an extensive global marketing and distribution network to supply the chemical around the world.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at China’s NPG exporting landscape, major players, production capacity, export data, and outlook for the industry.

Major NPG Exporters in China

Nhà xuất khẩu Neopentyl Glycol

There are over 50 manufacturers of neopentyl glycol in China. The table below shows the top 5 exporters that account for the majority of NPG exports from China.

Table 1. Top Neopentyl Glycol Exporters in China

CompanyCapacity (kt/a)Market Share
LG Chem15016%

China’s NPG Export Volume and Value

Riding on capacity expansions and high domestic demand, China’s NPG exports have increased rapidly between 2010-2020, as illustrated below:

Table 2. China’s NPG Export Volume and Value

YearExport Volume (tonnes)Export Value (USD million)

As demonstrated by export data, China exported over 1.5 million tonnes of neopentyl glycol in 2020, a near 10-fold growth over the past decade. In value terms, NPG exports reached US$ 794 million in the same duration.

This exponential rise in NPG exports is attributed to the expanded production capacities of major Chinese manufacturers amid strong demand globally. China is now the world’s leading exporter of neopentyl glycol by a large margin.

Key NPG Export Markets for China


The United States is the top export market for Chinese NPG, accounting for over 15% of total exports. Other leading markets include India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico and Germany.

Region-wise, Asian countries constitute the biggest export market with over 40% share. Rising consumption from various end-use applications is fueling NPG demand in these emerging markets.

Market Outlook for NPG Exports

The future outlook for China’s neopentyl glycol exports seems bright, driven by the following market dynamics:

  • Growing domestic production capacities and competitive manufacturing
  • Booming demand from global polyurethane and resins markets
  • Innovation and development of high-value NPG derivatives/niche applications
  • Expanding overseas distribution channels tapping new markets
  • Favorable export incentives from Chinese government

According to certain market forecasts, China’s NPG exports are projected to reach around 2 million tonnes by 2025. Investments to further enhance production technologies and achieve cost efficiency across the supply chain would be vital to sustain export growth amidst global competition.

Sự kết luận

In summary, buoyed by phenomenal domestic production and expanding overseas footprint, China has rapidly grown into the world’s top neopentyl glycol exporting nation. Chinese NPG finds wide usage across coatings, plasticizers, polyurethanes along with other niche industrial/commercial applications worldwide.

With industry competitiveness, innovation and supportive export policies, NPG exports would continue their stellar rise in the coming years cementing China’s position as the global powerhouse in NPG exports.

Câu hỏi thường gặp

What are the major applications of neopentyl glycol?

Neopentyl glycol is primarily used to manufacture polyester resins, powders, plasticizers, coatings, lubricants, insulating oils, and synthetic lubricants among other applications across the chemical industry. It also finds usage in personal care products and cosmetics sector.

Who are the top neopentyl glycol exporters in China?

The leading NPG exporters in China are OXEA, BASF-YPC, LG Chem, Eastman Chemicals and Perstorp holding over 80% of total market share. These companies have large-scale production facilities in China along with established global distribution channels.

What are the fastest growing export markets for Chinese NPG?

Asia Pacific region especially India, Vietnam and Malaysia are fastest growing markets for China’s NPG exports fueled by robust consumption across building, automotive and other key sectors. The US and Europe are also mature export markets for Chinese manufacturers.

What is the expected export volume of neopentyl glycol from China by 2025?

As per industry research sources, China’s neopentyl glycol exports are projected to reach around 2 million metric tonnes by 2025 driven by rising domestic output and strong overseas demand. Investments in new capacities would be key to achieve the target.

What are the factors driving growth in China’s NPG exports?

The surge in China’s NPG exports is majorly driven by exponential increase of domestic production over the years coupled with competitive manufacturing and innovation by Chinese companies. Favorable export incentives plus growing downstream demand worldwide has also propelled export volumes.

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