Sodium formate use

Sodium formate use

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Use 1:

Mainly used for the production of formic acid, oxalic acid and hydrosulfite, etc.

Use 2:

Used as a reagent, disinfectant and mordant for the determination of phosphorus and arsenic.

Use 3:

Preservatives. Diuretic effect. Eec countries are allowed, but the uk is not allowed.

Use 4:

Used in alkyd resin coatings, plasticizers, high explosives, acid-resistant materials, aviation lubricants, adhesive additives.

Use 5:

It is an intermediate in the production of formic acid and oxalic acid, and is also used in the production of dimethylformamide. Also used in medicine, printing and dyeing industry. It is also a precipitant for heavy metals.

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